The best cent brokers for forex and stock trading

Cent brokers are brokerage companies that allow you to trade on micro accounts with a minimum lot. This trading option makes it possible to test your acquired knowledge in practice without risking a large deposit, as well as to identify the weaknesses of a particular broker.

Technically, such trading is no different from working on standard Forex accounts, but as a rule, there are less favorable trading conditions.

After all, micro Forex is not intended for making money, but for testing strategies on a real account with minimal risks, as well as testing various scripts that carry out automatic trading.

This review contains only time-tested cent brokers with which I have worked more than once, and some I still work with.

Almost all cent Forex brokers allow you to open standard or professional accounts with regular lots, that is, you can check how the DC works on a cent account, and then, if you wish, open an account with more favorable trading conditions.

RoboForex is also a fairly well-known cent DC, which has a larger selection of different account options and a large number of trading instruments.

cent brokers

  • Deposit from 10.
  • Leverage – up to 1:2000.
  • The spread size is from 1.3 points.
  • Trading platforms - MetaTrader 4.5, cTrader, R Trader, iPhoneTrader, AndroidTrader, PowerTrader
  • Account bonus – up to 125%, no deposit bonus for new clients in the amount of $30 .

This option, in my opinion, is the best for both manual work and for using automatic trading advisors.

InstaForex is the largest company on the Russian foreign exchange market, however, it allows you to trade on cent accounts. It is distinguished by its high speed of order execution and simply a huge selection of trading instruments - from currency pairs and metals to options and futures.

best cent broker

  • Leverage – maximum 1:1000.
  • Bonus up to 100% when replenishing accounts. no deposit bonus up to 1500.
  • Spread – from 0.1 (commission) or fixed from 2 pt.
  • Lots of options for depositing and withdrawing funds.
  • Trading terminals - MetaTrader 4.5, iPhoneTrader, AndroidTrader, Web terminal.

Alpari is one of the few cent brokers on Forex that does not discriminate trading depending on the type of account; this company is widely known among Russian-speaking traders.
Despite its solidity, we can say that this is a good option for micro trading.

  • Deposit size – from 0.
  • Trading platform - MetaTrader 4 and its online and mobile options.
  • Leverage – from 1:1 to 1:500
  • Spread – floating, from 0 points.
  • Bonus – cashback spread up to 20%.

Most investors associate Alpari with a large company, which it essentially is, but it can also be included in cent Forex brokers thanks to the presence of accounts like nano.mt4. At the same time, you should not be afraid; the attitude towards traders working with small amounts is quite normal.

If we talk about my personal preferences, then I like RoboForex; in 10 years of working with it, I have managed to kill myself not only in the fact that it is one of the best cent Forex brokers, but also in the stable operation of its trading platforms.

Features of working with Forex cent brokers

The difference between cent accounts and standard ones is that information on funds on deposit is displayed; here it is given in the form of cents, that is, a deposit of $1 will be equal to 100 units.

cent lot

One point on such an account can be only 0.1 cents, that is, you can safely trade on a real account, test new strategies, and even in the event of a significant change in the rate, your loss is unlikely to exceed $1.

In addition, a micro lot is used for trading, which is equal to only 1000 units, so to purchase it it is enough to have only $15 on hand, and if you wish, you can trade in smaller volumes.

When trading with cent brokers on micro accounts, the trader usually operates with small amounts, but the desire to earn money still remains, so it is advisable to choose those DCs that have the largest amount of leverage.

For example, using a leverage of 1:1000, even with ten dollars in your account, you can trade using the scalping strategy and have quite a decent profit.

Having the same 15 dollars in your account and using a margin of 1:1000, you can open an order of such a volume that a movement of 1 point will bring 10 cents of profit. With a successful combination of circumstances, you can earn up to $10 or more in a day.

On the contrary, many traders use micro accounts of cent brokers for safe trading, this is due to the minimum lot size on a standard account, which is about 10,000. In order to open an order of this volume, you will need 60 and a leverage of 1:200.

Not everyone wants to take risks using large leverage; there are also those who prefer to open safer transactions, especially for those traders who engage in long-term trading.

In this case, it is the micro lot that allows you to withstand any price rollback on long-term timeframes.

It would also be a good idea to pay attention to the speed of order execution; often cent Forex brokers discriminate against micro accounts, reducing the speed of execution, thereby discouraging the trader from switching to trading on a standard account.

The main types of accounts that can be opened with a broker -

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